Vendor Application

Pricing for the Spring Market starts at $300.00. Once you have been accepted as a Vendor, we will send you information about how you pay vendor fees online to secure your spot!

Application Requirements:

Before you apply, some things that you might want to keep in mind…

  1. username is the ID that you will use to log into your profile. *Please make sure it is all one word, no spaces and no special characters (ie. etchythings123  NOT etchythings_123!)
  2. you can update your password and your profile picture with your Instagram and Facebook page afterwards (good to have for others to find you but not necessary and just your handle etchythingsandaccents and no need to type out the entire fb or instagram URL )
  3. URL should not have any spaces and you don’t need https:// (links to get to your website, FB or Instagram)
  4. use roughly 180 characters in your description.. it “may” produce an error if you go over
  5. once you’ve set this up once and approved, you don’t have to set up your profile again other than to update info as your business grows
  6. some of the designs in this template is not changeable on our end so if it’s not perfect, it’s because nothing is… ^_^’

If you see the error “Invalid nonce”, and you’ve met above requirements, please email us with browser info and mobile device used (if any).

We apologize for any inconveniences – we are troubleshooting the errors!

Account Information - this information is kept private
Public Profile - this information will be made public on your profile page
Vendor Application - information to apply (this information is kept private)
Product Photo 1
Booth/Table Photo (if you have one)