Application FAQ

Where do I apply?

Click on our Apply button below.

How many people attend the show?

In 2018 and 2019, both holiday shows had over 30,000 + attendees and over 150 vendors.


How do VI Market jury applications?

Everything we do is because we love promoting creativity and kindness. Our focus is on preserving creativity through kindness and sustainability by showcasing the people who embrace this entrepreneurial spirit.  We are a people first focused market with an emphasis on the aforementioned values..   If you’re not sure if you fit into our culture, apply here, and let us find out together!  However, please do not apply if your product fall under MLMs | tupperware-type of products.


Can I share my booth with a friend?

No, we don’t allow booth-splitting or subletting.


I was at previous markets before, do I still have to apply again?

Yes, we want to know what creative endeavours you’ve been working on and each application helps us find out more about you.  


What is the actual space I get when I pay for my table | booth fees?

When you pay for your table | booth fees (with sq footage), it guarantees you the space within this framework.  If there’s any “extra” space behind your booth that no one has paid for and you and your neighbour are mindful of each other, you are free to use more of this space FREE of charge.  

Unlike many convention centres and trade show spaces, we are inside the Old Sears building space with shelving, structural posts that make our show particularly unique to the shopper.  Like upcycling something once loved, we work with the space we have to provide YOU and our shoppers the best experience possible. 


What if I get accepted and something comes up + I need to cancel?

Cancellation schedules are posted on our Purchasing Terms and Conditions here.