Benefits of Being a VIM Vendor

Why should you join VIM’s Spring 2019 Market?

Here are just a few reasons that make VIM the premium choice for vendors on Vancouver Island and the surrounding Gulf Islands:

  1. We are Vancouver Island’s largest curated market. We have a selective jury process and limit the number of Makers in certain categories. This is to create a diverse collection of Makers.
  2. Makers who primarily sell online enjoy our markets because they are able to get instantaneous feedback from customers as well as showcase their entire line of products.
  3. Store buyers are commonly seen attending our markets, thus attendance generates exposure for product lines.
  4. We give companies a venue where they can invite and connect with influencers in person and create lasting relationships.
  5. Our markets have been known to be the spark that gets Makers to the next level.
  6. New Makers enjoy launching their companies at our markets so they are able to get a taste test or test run of their product lines. Seeing what products create the most buzz. Many Makers attribute the development of their product lines from learning what their customers were most interest in our markets.

Check out what some of our past vendors had to say about their experience with us.

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