Your Design & Presentation - How to Stand Out and Get Noticed Part 3


Showcase your Products Creatively and at their Best.

Give careful attention to how your stall area looks and how your arts and crafts are presented. Since you are already a creative person, designing your presentation may be an enjoyable challenge. Welcome to Part 3 of 4 part blog series "How to Stand Out at a Craft Show: Tips to Get Noticed."


1. SIMPLICITY – Less is More


Simplicity is gold, especially when attracting clients at a show. The eye is easily overwhelmed by content, and when we are at a show, the visual field is busy. Simplicity helps us focus, it allows us to understand without effort. 


Less is more. Remove all extraneous items - no extra chairs in the space. Also, keep only what is useful on your display table, and maintain a clutter free space, so they are not distracted by extraneous visual simulation that takes away from your products. No decorative elements that compete with your products, no clutter, so clients can see your work and who you are, rather than be distracted by what you don’t make and who you are not.


Curate your show. While it may be tempting to put out all of your work, it is important to give each piece space to breathe, so people can see it. Think of each piece like a diamond in a setting, and give each piece the space it needs to shine. Arrange your work in a way that catches the eye, but doesn’t overwhelm it. Organize pieces by body of work.


Keep your display table simple and uncrowded. Have your business cards, a cash box/debit machine, a guest book for clients to sign up to your email list, and a few pieces of small work if you have them. Clutter free table allows clients to truly enjoy the display and connect with you.


Marie Kondo knows what she’s talking about! In a way, this is simply emphasizing the other points, but it is also perhaps the most important piece of advice I may suggest to you.


2. LIGHTING - Tone & Contrast


While lighting is always space dependent, as a general principle it is best to keep your display area well lit, and easy on the eyes. Choose the lighting that will best enhance your products. Perhaps it is a soft warm light, perhaps it is a clear cool light - experiment at home to find the light that best shows off your work. Lighting doesn’t have to be big to make an impact - fairy lights, which you can find on Amazon or at the Dollar Store, come in both warm and cool shades, and they add a lot of glamour and fun with little effort. 


As part of your set-up preparation, research where lighting at your next craft show will come from. Each location will be different - some outside, others inside, some with access to electrical outlets, and some using a centralized lighting system. If access to outlets may be a challenge, there are lighting options such as electric candles that use batteries, and fairy lights often do too.


Consider the lightness or darkness of your work overall. If it is dark, best to choose a lighter sheet for display. If it is light, choose a dark coloured sheet. Contrast is eye-catching.


Check out the ways we create better lighting at our Christmas Show. It is truly spectacular.



Place items along the aisle of your booth so customers can see them as they go by, instead of relying on customers to enter the booth. Inspire people and draw them in.


Also, it looks lovely to place things of similar categories together - similar size, texture, colour tone - is easy on the eye.


4. HARMONY - Appeal to the Senses


If possible, and if it makes sense for your brand, you could have little touches that harmonize the senses such as having a fountain in the background or even some soft music. Of course, keeping in mind it doesn’t clash with the overall ambience of the marketplace.


Custom gift-wrapping is another special touch that adds a little more beauty and flair to the client’s experience. 


Stay tuned for our final tip to stand out and get noticed at a craft show in the last part of this series. Have fun getting ready for the show in August. As always please reach out if you have any questions, and looking forward to seeing you there! #vimfamily #amazing #creativitythroughkindness

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