Introduction to Tea Leaf Reading Workshop

Introduction to Tea Leaf Reading Workshop

Time: Saturday, December 15th 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Where: Nanaimo North Town Centre, 4750 Rutherford Road Nanaimo, BC within Old Sears building, Workshop #2
Price: $40/person, $25/youth 
plus tax

About the Workshop: Discover the ancient art of reading tea leaves! Learn how to give insightful teacup readings in this two hours of fun & enlightening workshop; receive readings for yourself, as well as enjoy a lovely, “tea-lightfully” informative afternoon!

Beginner to intermediate levels welcome! Limited spaces, so book early! All materials provided; handouts, teacups, Gypsy Tea loose-leaf & Products Sale! 
The objective of this workshop is to build new skills, gain a higher level of confidence and further explore & develop your intuitive abilities.

You’ll learn: a brief history of ancient & modern-day tea leaf reading, an introduction to various traditional methods, tips & tools of the trade, and how to select your teacups & blends.

You’ll also learn preparation rituals, methods, symbols & signs, intuitive skill building, setting up & closing of a reading, and even participate in group exercises and one-on-one practice sessions!

All minors must have parent or guardian present during workshop. Please bring a notepad and pen. Price also includes daily admission into market, so bring your shopping bags!

About the Workshop Host:  Gypsy Hart was drawn to the art of tea leaf reading since childhood. Gypsy’s fascination with this ancient and divine tool was one of the driving forces behind her spiritual and psychic inquisitiveness. What started in her early adulthood as a hobby of collecting antique tea cups, turned into an ability to harness her psychic gifts and to read and decipher messages. Gypsy learned from her Romanian grandmother who helped unleash her abilities as a channeler and medium. Learning the art of tea leaf reading instilled in Gypsy a driving passion to step forward into the world and begin sharing her gifts with clients. She began offering tea leaf readings privately to individual clients and publicly at community events and group parties. Since then, the continuing evolution of her psychic abilities has provided her with a new platform of self-discovery and enhanced her role as a lightworker. Gypsy owes this spiritual progression to the confidence and courage she gained from conducting tea leaf readings along with tools like Palmistry / Tarot Cards / Aura / Pendulum / Runes / Psychometry, Mediumship Readings over 30 years experience.


How to attend a workshop: Enter your information into the form below.  Payment through Paypal or by Credit Card.  YOUTH & ADULT transactions need to be done in separate transactions . Youth attendees must be 18 and under.